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Information Technology and evolution have so many common points that it makes sense to think of them advancing in the same way.

There are three points which we believe prove this point, “the place”, “the words” and “the time”.

The biggest point is how you find value in the data from the essentials of humans.

For instance, we can analyse the world through computer programs like PlaceEngine which use GPS or Wi-Fi as location tracking tools.

By combining this data with time, we can create powerful time and space tracking tools, allowing us to simulate what is happing in the market in real time.

The data will become a benchmark in the future for activity estimation,information transmission and analysis of peoples movements throughout their life.

This is our basic concept.

It makes you happy select music outside as you think of it. Also,getting a voucher or a coupon delivered straight to your mobile when you pass a shop would make your day.

This technology makes your ordinary life more exiting.

GAPSmobile want to make you exited.  

Profile of the owner,Daiki Nishimura

born in 1980.

He was a student of Kansai university before joining the tournament fishing circuit in Australia.

The host family’s father was an owner of a start-up company which made him interested in starting his own company.

After coming back to Japan, he started a new business that rents street artist’s work to restaurants and dental offices.

After graduating from university, he started another company with his friend. He started a new type of real estate agency that was a call center style service which supported you to find the best properties.

After this experience, he became to be CEO of mobile solution company based in the UK and made a new marketing system based on GPS, consulting for large companies on their computer systems and advertising needs.


Corporate profile


Company Name GAPSmobile inc
Head Office 〒107-0051
4th Kaneharu Building 4-2-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo,Japan
Phone Number +81-3-4590-5693
Date of Establishment November 2008
Captalization 100,000,000 Yen
Business Lines ①Widget media application development

  Mobile widget (softbank)


  iPhone application(Apple)

  i-concie, i-Widget(Docomo)

  au one garget

Android application

②mobile site and system program for mobile use GPS

③Web promotion business
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